Shipping Policy

Return & Exchange Policy

We're happy to offer Standard Shipping within Egypt with an estimated delivery time of 3-4 working days on your orders!


If you don't receive a shipping confirmation email right away, don't worry! We will deliver the items to you by the delivery date shown or within the date range provided at checkout.


If your order requires additional information to fully process, we will get in touch by phone/email.

*We do not ship on Fridays or official holidays.

*Shipping cost varies as per your location.

*We ship orders to all Egypt states.

We gladly offer you the service of checking & trying your ordered merchandise once delivered while the courier waits for 5-10 minutes for you.

In case you no longer wish to take the order, you return the ordered merchandise to the courier and only pay the assigned delivery fees.

NESAA merchandise purchased at independent boutiques and/or department stores must be returned to the location where it was purchased.



*Please contact the individual boutique or store for their return policy.